Independent business intelligence for the life sciences sector
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Investment research that is both truly independent and also based on deep sector expertise can provide valuable insights for those seeking exposure to the Life Sciences sector. It is also a very rare commodity. Beremans provides independent company analysis services and company tracking services (analysis over time), including but not limited to assessments of a company’s current and future competitive position vis-à-vis technology platforms and product portfolios in the context of a given market. This may include product approval forecasts, and revenue projections based on Beremans in-house financial models that have been developed specifically for Life Science companies.

Note: Beremans does not issue ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ notes on companies, as such decisions are impacted by the balance of the investor’s existing portfolio, and by the investor’s attitude to risk; provision of advice on these issues is not within the remit of Beremans’ activities.
Beremans undertakes consulting projects for specific clients, where there is no conflict of interest with Beremans’ core activities. A very broad variety of assignments may fall under this heading, including business development for biotechnology companies, financial models / cost recovery strategies for research institutes, and strategy input for various organisations.
Beremans provides both primary and secondary market research in the Life Sciences sector. Primary research is facilitated by a network of practising physicians and key opinion leaders. Secondary research is enhanced by broad and deep Life Sciences expertise. The outcomes of market research usually are amalgamated with a commercially-focussed analysis of the technologies, companies and current / future market needs in a given segment. This may include financial models and revenue projections. This information then is collated as an integrated Market Report. Beremans Market Reports are usually bespoke pieces of work, executed subsequent to a specific request by a client, and remaining proprietary to that client. However, from time to time, Beremans produces a Market Report that is made available for purchase by any interested party. Additionally, Beremans provides occasional White Papers on topics of general interest to the Life Sciences community. Further information on Beremans Market Reports may be found here.
Strategic Opportunity Facilitation
The Life Sciences sector is continually exposed to rapid technological advances that threaten to bring about a step change in disease treatment or drug discovery. These advances are usually accompanied by the genesis of many small companies seeking to capitalise on some claimed advantage of intellectual property, tempo or know-how in the technology field in question. Unravelling the truth of the relative competitive position of each of these companies from the tangled threads of claim and counter-claim often is beyond the time resources available to most interested parties. Beremans specialises in the technically complex and labour-intensive assignments required to bring clarity to these situations, such as for the identification of acquisition opportunities for a company wishing to buy in to a given field of endeavour.

Similarly, a more mature segment of the Life Sciences sector may be complicated by the co-existence of several companies offering different solutions to similar problems, or providing potentially compatible approaches to similar market needs. Understanding the existing and probable future competitive positioning of these companies in the context of an evolving marketplace again constitutes a resource-intensive exercise. Attempts to undertake such an exercise in-house by companies seeking M&A or disposal opportunities all too often cut corners in the interests of a pragmatic utilisation of time and manpower. Again, Beremans has the skills, experience and resources to identify and rank M&A opportunities, and subsequently to facilitate the desired event, without taking short-cuts.