Independent business intelligence for the life sciences sector
Bespoke Market Reports are executed subsequent to a specific request by a client, and remain proprietary to that client. Broad fields in which Beremans has provided bespoke market reports include vaccines, anti-infectives, stem cells, orthopaedic implants, drug delivery technologies and gene therapy.
Beremans specialises in bespoke research; however Market Reports for general sale may be occasionally produced. The first of these deals with drug-induced cardiotoxicity, particularly treatment-related Torsades de Pointes, and is marketed by Cambridge Healthtech Institute / Insight Pharma Reports, Boston, USA. The second assesses commercial prospects and market landscape for dengue vaccines. The third assesses the commercial prospects and market landscape for malaria vaccines. The fourth identifies the clinical phase product pipeline of biotechnology companies in the UK and Ireland.
From time to time, Beremans provides White Papers on topics of general interest to the Life Sciences community. Research papers may occasionally be published in peer-reviewed journals. A list of these Beremans publications may be found here.