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PRESS RELEASE 2nd January 2006

Beremans Ltd Announces Preliminary Results for Year End February 2006

Beremans Ltd, a Cambridge-based company that provides due diligence, market research and equity analysis services for the Life Sciences sector, announced today preliminary results for the year ending 28th February 2006. The contracted forward workload is such that the consulting element of the business is at full capacity until at least March 2006, allowing minimum year-end revenues to be predicted with confidence. The company will see a significant increase in revenues over the previous year, reflecting a clear market demand for the sophisticated commercial analysis services provided by Beremans.

Dr Nicholas Miller, Managing Director of Beremans Ltd, said “The period from March 2005 saw our due diligence arm operating at full capacity, and our market research arm also saw a significant increase in activity, resulting in strong overall growth compared with the period from March 2004. This growth has reflected both increased repeat business from existing clients, and also provision of services for new clients. Most gratifyingly, many of our new clients approached us as a result of recommendations by existing customers. We expect continued revenue growth during 2006”.

Significant 2005 events included the organisation, together with the British Association of Cancer Research, of an international conference on RNAi in the development of cancer therapies. The conference was jointly chaired by Dr. Nicholas Miller of Beremans Ltd and Professor Nicol Keith of the Department of Medical Oncology, University of Glasgow.

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