Independent business intelligence for the life sciences sector

Beremans personnel periodically interview key individuals critically involved in building the next generation of biopharmaceutical companies. Usually, these interviews provide a component of the primary market research that has been commissioned for a bespoke Market Report, and hence are not made public. However, occasionally Beremans publishes the transcripts of interviews that may be of general interest to the Life Sciences sector. At present, publicly available interviews focus on members of the oncology community who are commercialising their research (oncology is one of the four areas in which Beremans’ expertise is particularly deep). Links to the interview transcripts in this series of discussions are provided below.

BACR Interview #1: Dr. Nicholas Miller interviews founders of Biostatus Ltd, a company which is commercialising some of the discoveries of BACR members Laurence Patterson and Paul Smith, in particular novel molecular probes.

BACR Interview #2: Dr. Nicholas Miller interviews Steve Jackson, the founder of KuDOS Pharmaceuticals Limited, a company developing cancer therapies including inhibitors of DNA repair pathways.

BACR Interview #3: In the third of our series of interviews with BACR personnel who are commercialising their research, Dr. Nick Miller interviews Professor Len Seymour whose research is being commercialised through Hybrid Sytems Ltd ( Professor Seymour is Professor of Genetic Therapies in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Oxford, Head of the Cancer Research UK Gene Delivery Group, President of the British Society or Gene Therapy, and Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford.

BACR Interview #4: In the fourth of our series of interviews with BACR entrepreneurs, Dr. Nick Miller interviews Professor Paul Workman, who has been instrumental in the formation of two biotechnology companies, Chroma Therapeutics and Piramed Pharma. This interview focuses on Piramed, which was acquired by Roche in 2008; Chroma Therapeutics will be the subject of a later discussion.  In his academic life, Paul is Director of the Cancer Research UK Centre for Cancer Therapeutics and Harrap Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at The Institute for Cancer Research, Sutton.