Independent business intelligence for the life sciences sector

What we do ...

Beremans Limited provides business intelligence and independent research in the Life Sciences sector to support investment and business decisions. Clients include life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, government bodies, fund managers and venture capital organisations. Core activities comprise:

Due Diligence – a rigorous examination of the key areas pertinent to the success of a given Life Sciences company, such as competition, technology, products, markets and financial projections, and provision of a robustly independent view on the extent to which a company’s claims in these areas are justified. Company Analysis and Tracking – analysis of a given Life Sciences company, and maintenance of coverage over time, to provide continually updated assessments of the company’s prospects in the context of a changing environment.
Sector Reports – highly detailed and value-added reports examining key issues and developments pertinent to the Life Sciences sector, such as an analysis of the commercial prospects for a new technology, or an assessment of the unmet needs in a given market segment. Strategic Opportunity Analysis - identification and analysis of M&A / collaboration opportunities in both academic and commercial spheres of the Life Sciences sector.

In addition, Beremans provides consulting services to selected pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. These services typically comprise market research, competitor intelligence or business development activities. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, consulting services are not provided to companies that are the subjects of the Beremans company analysis/tracking activities.

Beremans would be pleased to answer any queries about its services; contact details are provided here. For more information on Beremans foci of activity, please follow this link, or go straight to the Expertise or Services pages.

How we are different

Firstly, Beremans personnel have a unique blend of both deep scientific expertise (beyond PhD) and top-level commercial experience (senior corporate development / licensing positions). Real-life board level experience, such as structuring of multi-million dollar partnerships and due diligence for multi-million pound acquisitions, is complemented by MBA and accountancy/finance qualifications.

Secondly, Beremans provides an individual service to each of its clients. Each assignment is approached de novo, generating unique, primary data as required, resulting in a timely report that exactly matches the client’s precise needs. In consequence, the great majority of Beremans’ clients are repeat customers. Few other established consulting or analyst firms can match Beremans’ record of customer satisfaction. References from clients are available on request.

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